Piminix 2kg - Minerals & Charcoal


Piminix is a unique recipe that was formulated especially for pigeons whether racing, showing or squab production. Make freely available to the birds all year round in a suitable container that will prevent soiling by the birds droppings. Please ensure clean drinking water is available for your birds at all times.

Ingredients : Contains Charcoal sourced from non treated timber and Coconut ash, Calcium, Bone Phosphate, Iron Oxide, Copper, Potassium, Sodium, Potassium Iodine, Bromine, Manganese, Zinc and other trace minerals. Also Kelp meal which has over 60 trace elements.

Piminix mineral Mix for Pigeons. 2 kg Box 

Piminix is a blend of minerals based on an American formulation arrived at after months of research into the best possible combination of minerals for optimum growth and health in pigeons.

Piminix has been extensively tested by pigeon fanciers in New Zealand and excellent results have been obtained.

1. Improve hatchability.

2. Provide the minerals essential for bone growth and eggshell formation.

3. Aid feathering.

4. To impart a healthy bloom to birds.

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