Vetafarm Tracemin 100ml

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Vetafarm Tracemin 100ml

Liquid trace mineral and amino acid supplement for addition to water or soft foods. Tracemin is made up of essential trace minerals and Amino Acids that have been specifically formulated to make them water soluble and easily absorbed from the gut.

Trace minerals are necessary for normal feather quality, healthy tissue and sustained reproduction. Seed diets are commonly deficient in Trace minerals and essential Amino acids. Correcting these deficiencies will result in improved production, healthier birds and longer life.

Recommended for: All birds on seed diets.

Can be used with: Tracemin should be used in conjunction with a vitamin supplement (e.g. Soluvet), and a calcium supplement (e.g. Calcivet or D'nutrical) for birds on seed diets to ensure proper nutrition.

Ingredients: 9.75mg/mL Zinc, 6.60mg/mL Manganese 1.56mg/mL Copper 0.01mg/ml Cobalt Lysine & Methionine

Directions: Mix 10mL of Tracemin per 1L of drinking water or Mix 5mL of Tracemin in 1kg of food. Supply for 3 days each week





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