Chick Starter Crumble


Chick starter crumble, Manufactured by Mainfeeds.


  MAINFEEDS Chick Starter is a high nutrient density feed specially formulated for chicks and should be fed ad-lib (full feeding) from day old to approximately six weeks of age.



 Grains, grain by-products, plant proteins, animal proteins, animal fats, vegetable oils, amino acids, minerals and a specialised vitamin/trace mineral premix.




Crude Protein                                                  (min)             19.5%

Fat                                                                      max                 6.0%

Fibre                                                                  max                 5.0%

Salt                                                                     max                 0.4%

AME (apparent metabolisable energy)        kcals/kg          3000


Note that a consideration of the crude protein level (determined by nitrogen content) does not give any information about the amino acid profile which is more important for performance.  Antioxidants are included in the premix to maintain the energy content and to reduce potential losses from oxidation.


Feed should be stored in cool dry conditions which are cleaned regularly and are vermin free.



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