Vetafarm Soluvet 100g


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Vetafarm Soluvet 100g

Vitamin supplement for use in water or added to foods. Using high quality water soluble vitamins, Soluvet supplies essential vitamins in a palatable form. Where homemade hand rearing mixes or soft food mixes are made, Soluvet is an ideal additive to balance the nutrition of the feed.

Soluvet may also be given to sick birds to aid in recovery.

Recommended for: All birds on seed diets for use in vitamin deficiencies or in stressful conditions.

Also suitable for: Soluvet can also be used as an in water vitamin supplement in all small mammals and reptiles.

Can be used with: Soluvet should be used in conjunction with a trace mineral supplement (e.g. TRACEMIN) and a calcium supplement (e.g. CALCIVET or D NUTRICAL), for birds on seed diets.

Directions: Add 4 grams to 400mL of water or sprinkle 1 gram over 1 cup of soaked seed or greens.

Young birds should have daily Soluvet until they go through their first moult, after moulting thrice weekly is adequate.

Breeding birds should be started on Soluvet 4-6 weeks prior to egg laying so that optimum vitamin levels are put into the eggs. Continue daily Soluvet until young are fledged.

Birds in hospital cages and under quarantine should have daily Soluvet to aid in the recovery from disease and stress.

Active Ingredients: Vitamins A, D3, E, K, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Cyanocobalamin(B12), Folic Acid, Choline Bitartrate, Biotin, and Iodine





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